The Wooden Fence – Discover the Advantages

A wooden fence is a classic: the well-known hunter fences are only two ways you can confine your property with wood or provide privacy. Here you will come to know about the benefits of wood fence.

wood installation costAdvantages and characteristics of wooden fences
Wood is a natural product. This makes every wooden fence unique. Especially when you design your garden naturally, a wooden fence fits. The natural look of the fence blends in well with the overall picture.

There are different woods that are suitable for outdoor use. These include fences made of Siberian larch, Douglas fir or pressure-impregnated pine and spruce wood. With proper care, you will have something of a wooden fence made from one of these materials for a long time.

In addition, wood is diverse: from natural look on white painted fences to varnished you are spoiled for choice. And if you like the color, you can sand down your fence and reshape it with a different color.

Depending on the model, wood fences are priced close to bar mat fences. That depends on the model chosen. If you choose the material based on the price, you should consider the wood installation cost. You have to repaint the fence regularly.

How to build your wooden fence yourself
With a little manual skill, you can easily build your wooden fence yourself. Pay attention to a few points so that you have something of your fence as long as possible.

H-post girders are particularly stable.
First of all, think about fixing the fence. The supports for a wooden fence can be concreted in like or screwed onto an existing base. Depending on that, choose the appropriate post carriers. Make sure that the wood of the fence does not touch the ground. Otherwise, it absorbs moisture faster and can rot. Choose ground sleeves for hammering, bolting or concreting to secure the fence.

For wooden privacy fences, make sure that you have sturdy post girders, as the fences provide a large area of attack for the wind.
Concrete the beams only when you have the fence in place. Only then can you check the distances between the individual posts. Measure the elements and align the beams afterwards.

wood installation cost

Protect against rainwater the wooden posts of your fence with a cap - for example made of metal. This is not absolutely necessary, but you increase the life of the fence.

Note: The exact procedure of the construction differs from model to model. Therefore always read the assembly instructions of the manufacturer first.

A little care for a great wooden fence
Wooden fences are more caring than double rod mats. But no other material looks more natural. At least every three years, you should treat your fence. Depending on the type of wood, it may be due sooner. Sand all parts of the fence thoroughly and paint them with a wooden guard.