Fence Made of Wood and Concrete

cheap wood panelsA lot of people want to have a natural wooden fence, but they do not like the quick rotting of the bottom of this wooden fence. By choosing a combination of wood and concrete, you can significantly increase the life of the fence. Many people prefer the rugged character of concrete panels, others like the natural look of wood panels. But why not combine the two?
Combine the positive characteristics of concrete and wood

By combining the benefits of cheap wood panels and concrete fence you can significantly extend the life of the fence. Concrete is in addition very stable and it foresees that your qualitative fence has the solid reins. Since the concrete panel is inserted about 15 centimeters into the ground, the fence also forms a perfect barrier against digging animals (such as dogs and goats). At the same time, you keep the naturalness of your fence as most of the visible parts will be of wood.

The lower panel (on the ground) is always made of concrete. Wooden panels never come into contact with the ground. The rotting of the fence is therefore excluded.

cheap wood panels

A concrete fence also gives you the opportunity to build a cheap fence. Thus, you can finish the concrete of a wire fence or a cheap wood species during the first years. Later, you can replace it with finished panels of another kind of wood that cost more. You can also choose to paint or repaint the wooden panels. It is in addition that you will determine the height of the fence.

If you only opt for concrete because of its qualitative characteristics, you can also choose to let only see the wood. For the above garden fence, the concrete panels were concealed behind the timber construction. The horizontal slats are found 5 centimeters from the ground so that it does not come into contact with the soil moisture.